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Very Awesome fighter!

I think you have the basis of a very awesome fighting engine!!

its very solid, and I thought the game was alot of fun. I only have a few minor complaints, and some bugs to report.

A couple of times I jumped over the opponent, and my character didn't turn around, I was stuck facing the wrong direction taking hits, till I jumped back. some times after the jump attack, the elf would get stuck mid air, and I was able to land alot of cheap shots this way.

aside from the elf who was already fairly quick.
the fast and fierce attacks weren't varied in enough... throwing a quick punch shouldnt take the same amount of time as throwing a fierce one. Aside from the Elf I wasn't able to let off a flurry of quick attacks, and end it with a fierce one. It would also help of the attacks were more visually different as well. as from that, the attacks needed more of an overal reach as well.

All in all a great fighting flash game. Closest so far to the arcades!!
keep it up!!

gavD responds:

Thanks for the heads up on the mid air bug... Nice review!

Hahah yeah baby!

Fish is an Old Schooler at heart just like me!. Which is why I love this game. It plays on your nostalgic chord, while delivering new gameplay elements with the older crowd in mind.

I love this game and everything it represents!!

Thumbs up baby!

PsychoGoldfish responds:

and it runs on b33r wich is 80% more efficient than fossile fuels.


Niiice JOB!!

Great Job!! I loved the Fist Picos Cousin game and this one out did it in leeps and bounds!! The gameplay is much tougher and and engine is complimented by poxpowers great art!!

Way to go guys!

Magna responds:

Thanks man! It was all worth it.

That was great!

Not only was it a great RPG game it was also Slickly packaged with great art, and also tons of humor!

Nice work!

Visual-Noize responds:

^___________^ Wooha! Thanks!

Ahh mn Beast! Welcome Back!!

Holiie SHit I missed you!!

Great to have you back... You art has improved my man.. nice work!!
Your backgrounds can pass for photoshop work.and you animation has improved too!! You've been keeping busy!
Great to see you're still one of the humble greats that brave these halls:)

MindChamber AKA OrtizanimationZ

Beast0 responds:

Flipside Shiggidy BO shank!

Cheers Jose, what a legend, stop hanging around this ghetto and get a job! ;)


Holie Crap!! this is spot on!!

You did a fine job here man!!! I think the programming is dead on!! Its really tuff to!!

I play it with my controller.. and Its much easier.. nice job man!!

maelstormm responds:

Glad to see someone finally playing with a controller ^_^

excellent Job

I have to say, having been working on and off on the massive,official Pico2 , Picos' Cousin Brings back the fun and nostalgia, That made me a Fan of the Original Pico in the first Place.

Great Inspiration..

Great Job...

Magna responds:

Hey thanks! Wow! Its awesome that you wrote a review for this! YOURE one of the reasons i started Flash!
Top three reasons i started to teach my self Macromedia flash:
1. www.homestarrunner.com
2. Pico's School
3. Newgrounds...

I'm a HUGE fan of your work, Alloy kicked ass, and i'm happy to see you respond to my game! :-)

It's No surprize.....

....That this kicks so much ass!!!..
Mr Viper is the man!!!
Bless you bro!

BAHArts responds:

Thanks. Long time no see.

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