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very cool

While it was nothing to look at. There's still a nice little piece of code in here.
The choices were cool, and they stem together very nicely, and still make sense on top of all that.

I could totally see a large scale commercial version of this, where people could pick out their subject matter, and have the poem printed out on a custom card.

Vert responds:

Interesting ideia, I really hadn't thought of going comercial with this, much less in the manner prescribed, but it's certainly worth considering, even though implementing it on custom cards is probably way beyond my league (specially here in Brazil!). Thanks for the review and the suport!


jews, and their firearms.

Roffel. XD

FrostedMuffins responds:

Haha thanks buddy

well done

and very well thought out, I think this game should be used as a prerequisite to users being considered for Modship.

and any mod that gets under 50 should hang up their coat now,


Little-Rena responds:

It's hard to get under 50, lol, thanks for the review ;)


that was awesome.

FappingFriends responds:


Sucks So bad its GooD!!

All that was missing was a sponsored by "Awful Games" logo. with two dildos clashing./.


PsychoGoldfish responds:

I might be a sellout.... but I'm not a CHEAP sellout damnit

not bad

that game was pretty brain dead. but the music really made up for it.

for a bunch of tweened sprites the slowframe rate was inexcuseable.

alos the camera jumped right and left too violently to make any percision jumps any fun.

it kind had a Gish rapes alienhomind feel.
the death battle was the best part , tho all you had to do was stand underhim and you didnt get hurt.

TrueDarkness responds:

yeah, next time we're gonna just go for gameplay quality and performance over little effects that no one ever notices. The camera was an experiment, I thought it was good, but no one liked it so I guess not. We didn't refine this as much as I thought we did I guess. Next time :(

not bad

You emulated Smash Bros really well, right down to the huds and using a coin to select your fighter.. but aside from that, the gameplay really drags. your characters all basicly have the same moves, minues the projectile, and you can barely juggle your moves so it gets boring quick.

good effort tho.

Sir-Davey responds:

You have no idea how much we had planned for this game. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a lazy ass when the deadline isn't 2 weeks away, so we couldn't add in as much stuff as we wanted.

Although I understand your point about the attacks being the same, I'll counter it by saying that there really is no use to making different punching animations: it's more of a waste of time. The similar attacks for Coffee and Strawberry were unfortunately all we could come up with in the 12 hours that we had left to polish up the game.

I promise we won't do the same mistake with TFFG 2. And thanks for reviewing!

no effort at all.

I've made like, 4 games like this that play exactly the same with different sponsors.

The only effort visible was the new art by Eric Blak which you didnt even bother to Co-auth.

disgusting display of a making a quick buck.

ericblak responds:

He is co auhtored -_-"

You said

"I've made like, 4 games like this that play exactly the same with different sponsors."

seems like your the one who made a disguesting display of making a quick buck.

Nice shit review pal.

or was it a joke review. I can't tell.

very cool puzzle game

This game is well done, very engaging.

my only gripe is the visuals and sound.

Im sure more could have been done to make this look like a tree of some sort, I know it says sticks and rings but you mentioned this tree game in the art forum so I expected to see trees.

and the sounds make no sense, Sound of crackling wood wouldve worked better than the sound of moaning whales, or whatever it is you have there.

great game, just weak presentation.

Komix responds:

Thanks :)

Sorry, for creating these expectations. I just made that tree with that engine, but it wasn't planned to be like that in game.

This game is simplistic, and so are the trees. This is the new style I ve been trying. And I like how it looks. :)

Also, I like the sounds, cause they re unique. Cracking wood would never have that recognition effect.

Slow and Painful

yes 3D engine. yay..

but after you stopped being amazed by the engine, you're bored to tears by the gameplay..

Komix responds:

yeah, I should ve spent more time on it I guess.

I did those physical sleds, and then realized that I am not able to use them for an interesting gameplay.

but I had to finish it off for the AG contest.

Sorry for the bad show.


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