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the groundwork for a very kick-ass brawler.,, what engine are you using?

Spagato responds:

Thanks! Game maker studio 2. The animations were done with Adobe Animate lastest version. We don't use pngs for the characters instead use swf files for the vector look.

well done.. I dont get all the jokes, but I love its charm all the same

PsychoGoldfish responds:

This is the "Are ya winnin' son?" of reviews, and I love it!

nice work!.. super addictive!,.. the tankmen need a stfu option toggle though XD

BoMToons responds:

Thanks MC!

Ha ha, I can definitely see how the limited set of tankmen quips would get annoying.

nice job really cute

squidly responds:

coulda used some big robots 👀

A decent start, that first demo was just killer. I know it's just in its prototype phase but it definitely needs some of those visual cues from the original. impact art when hitting enemies, some sort of dash effect. etc.
curious as to why you're starting all the art from scratch instead of building on the original.

Best of luck though.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

This is an April Fool's joke version of the game :P it's not gonna look like this. I will say, we have some of the original assets, but we improved on some of them, while the original background was never uploaded to the Trello board by the artist for some reason so we couldn't use it and had to remake it, as well as remake Pico due to the programmer making the original Pico sprite but we made a better version of Pico that's different than this version.

The Pico Day version of the game will be different than this, this version was made by Anonymous-Frog as a funny joke version. Hopefully we'll have a trailer out sometime in May, but if you want to come to our Q&A livestream Wednesday night at 8:30 PM Eastern on my youtube and twitch channels you can ask us some questions live about it. @NGZeroHour on twitter to stay updated! :D

gorgeous game, and great style,... love me a good puzzler,
Definitely, not a fan of that timed recharging mechanic.. forces you to rush through the game.
and wasn't properly explained in the beginning.

STANNco responds:

we've now changed the charging mechanic a little bit, hope it helps

Awesome game with loads of style

Jacob responds:

Happy belated birthday!

nice job this came together really well,

Taka responds:

Yoooo mind chamber thxxxx

nice job,, no idea how to beat that second Bear..

VoicesByCorey responds:

Takes a bit of practice, but once you figure it out, it's an easy win!

Dungeonation responds:

Puzzle ripped from the original — good luck :D

great job, slick controls amazing art, fvckin brutal :p

Stepford responds:

>slick controls

definitely slick... slick like oil under a cartoon character!!!

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