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this was actually pretty fun.

nice test of the someones typing skills that for sure.

only part that sucks is you don't get to enjoy the poses from the characters.
it would be cool if once you completed a character the photos were laid out in between levels.

imjeffhip responds:

oh i like that, i'll see if i can add it


nice job milking this bandwagon.

imjeffhip responds:



You really kick ass with the physics man, also love the AI.

Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

mmankt responds:

thanks! im thinking about making the 'proper' version

since it was a test for the medals and scoreboards

where are the medals?

looks like the scoreboard works fine.

thinking-man responds:

Aww mindchamber whydja do this to me? The reason for the medals is that they haden't been approved for several days, I couldn't wait anymore so I just said what the heck! (I pm'ed tom about it)

the option to choice your genre alone

makes this the single most important flash gadget on newgrounds ever.

thanks so fuckin much, seriously

PoderOdunk responds:

You're welcome - how much weight can you put into getting it frontpaged? :P

Amazing visuals and animation.

the game itself was fun for the most part, alittle punishing at times.

I couple of things i think would make it feel less so is possibly making anything your character stands behind transparent. Its kinda hard to tell if there's a space behind a rock to drill to if you cant see it. That and make the hit boxes on the rocks much bigger. I would've also liked if i had a choice to start the level from where i died. having all the rocks reset after a kill was definitely frustrating. As for the first Boss, why not allow the player to move head? I know you want to keep the intensity up, but It would've been nice to get some breathing room in case i made a wrong turn. Infact that wouldve made it more intense. after i made a wrong turn, i just stopped moving, because i know i lost.
Either way once you memorize the boss level its no longer a challenge anyway so why not give players that breathing room to make it less frustrating.?

overall I liked the game, your animations are wonderful to watch and improved considerably.

Toonimated responds:

Thanks for the review... it seems indeed we need more learning in videogame production! Most complaints are about the difficulty and not understanding the character's position/view. Well thanks and always eager for your feedback!

lol sounds boards

what year is this? 2001?

I love how you have ads on this. Banking off of weeks of work, and thousands in production.


MilkMan268 responds:

You'll never accept me =[

that was pretty bad

and I don't see the point into breaking these up into 'episodes" they aren't particularly detailed or graphicly intensive enough to warrant the split.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

fair enough MindChamber fair enough. Raster

very cool

nice work, very smooth gameplay and awesome physics. the way youre able to pull out of view from your base reminds me of the sniper view from the NS2 idea days

Loved the game. I also suggest anyone with a wacom, should use it, its much easier.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Heh thanks.

Better than a wacom is a wiimote (if you have the sensor bar hooked up). Loads of fun that way.

I did all my testing for this exclusively on a trackpad though.

nice work

great detail, awesome leveling up system., perfect set of enemies!

worth the time to map this to an xbox controller. feels like an XBLA game!

best top down shooter ever played in a while.

Xplored responds:

What else I can say?
XBLA could be our next achievement... just wait for us there...

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