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Amazing visuals and animation.

the game itself was fun for the most part, alittle punishing at times.

I couple of things i think would make it feel less so is possibly making anything your character stands behind transparent. Its kinda hard to tell if there's a space behind a rock to drill to if you cant see it. That and make the hit boxes on the rocks much bigger. I would've also liked if i had a choice to start the level from where i died. having all the rocks reset after a kill was definitely frustrating. As for the first Boss, why not allow the player to move head? I know you want to keep the intensity up, but It would've been nice to get some breathing room in case i made a wrong turn. Infact that wouldve made it more intense. after i made a wrong turn, i just stopped moving, because i know i lost.
Either way once you memorize the boss level its no longer a challenge anyway so why not give players that breathing room to make it less frustrating.?

overall I liked the game, your animations are wonderful to watch and improved considerably.

Toonimated responds:

Thanks for the review... it seems indeed we need more learning in videogame production! Most complaints are about the difficulty and not understanding the character's position/view. Well thanks and always eager for your feedback!

lol sounds boards

what year is this? 2001?

I love how you have ads on this. Banking off of weeks of work, and thousands in production.


MilkMan268 responds:

You'll never accept me =[

that was pretty bad

and I don't see the point into breaking these up into 'episodes" they aren't particularly detailed or graphicly intensive enough to warrant the split.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

fair enough MindChamber fair enough. Raster

very cool

nice work, very smooth gameplay and awesome physics. the way youre able to pull out of view from your base reminds me of the sniper view from the NS2 idea days

Loved the game. I also suggest anyone with a wacom, should use it, its much easier.

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

Heh thanks.

Better than a wacom is a wiimote (if you have the sensor bar hooked up). Loads of fun that way.

I did all my testing for this exclusively on a trackpad though.

nice work

great detail, awesome leveling up system., perfect set of enemies!

worth the time to map this to an xbox controller. feels like an XBLA game!

best top down shooter ever played in a while.

Xplored responds:

What else I can say?
XBLA could be our next achievement... just wait for us there...

Now this, this is a game right here

Great use of the mouse and the juggling system is fun! cool level up system as well. . The game seems spastic at times, and sometimes I lose my character for whatever reason. Thankfully the AI isnt completely braindead, the enemies attempt to block your attacks, forcing you to try different slashes to get the job done.

if anyone has a Drawing Tablet I suggest using it.

great work

acrazycanadian responds:

In hindsight, I should have put in more blocking/evasion for the basic enemies, it worked really well on the Tengu. Ah well, there's plenty of options for a sequel.

this was great

great little stories and challenging puzzles

SpikeVallentine responds:

Yayyy!! Thank you for your appreciation! Glory to God. :)

bad time to release this.

Miami Shark basically takes this same concept and blows it out of the water.

Skeik responds:

Yeah, we released it earlier then Miami Shark because we knew people would make comparisons to it. It's pretty disheartening, the same thing happened with Scoregamites and BFF. We would be even worse off if we decided to wait a week or two. Honestly they're two very different games that just happen to have sharks in them.

By far

one of your most hilarious games to date.

Wiesi responds:

thanks!! :)

nice homage to CC.

Like the amount of detail that went into the backgrounds and the length of the game in total is pretty beefy. The animations however are downright painful. If it wasn't for the fact that you copied all the gameplay elements from CC from head to toe, I would've lost interest long ago. Considering that your rise to king/knight games were basically broken gameplaywise, I really can't give you props for gameplay, since you emulated CC.

I know its nice to keep all that sponsor money to yourself, but sometimes for the sake of the game you should bite the bullet and bring on a real animator.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you like it!

I am a real animator, maybe not a good one, but I'm real :)
I love doing animation even though I'm not that good at it...

I don't think I copied CC from head to toe. There are many games just like it out there, so I think I'm just in the same genre. There was a lot of similar stuff in this game than CC, because I love CC to bits and this is a tribute :)

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